The ICHS Archives

Policies and Fees (Part 1)

The archives of the Illinois Central Railroad Historical Society have been created to preserve the history of the Illinois Central Railroad and its predecessors. This collection of photographs, slides, negatives, printed material, and other items and memorabilia will be preserved for the primary use of Society members and recognized historians. Because of the overlapping nature of railroading, these archives may also contain historic information about the communities served by these railroads, connecting and competing rail lines, and related topics.

Much of this material in these archives has been donated to the Society, and for that Society members are extremely appreciative and recognition will be given when appropriate. Some items have been purchased from estates and other sources. Some of this material cannot be reproduced by agreement with the seller. This material is for ICHS use only. And other material has shown up without our knowledge of the source.

Every effort has been taken, and will be made, to preserve this material and organize it in a readily accessible fashion. However, the Society is comprised of volunteers and time constraints have kept this process from moving along as rapidly as we would have liked. It is not always possible to fulfill every request and in that respect we hope those involved will understand.

Because of the continual growth of the amount of material in the archives and the increasing requests for its use, the Society feels obligated to set standards and requirements/restrictions concerning the use of this material. Therefore, the Board of Directors, acting on behalf of the Society, has established the following guidelines and rules.

As stated, the primary purpose of these archives is to preserve the history of the Illinois Central Railroad. In that respect, the principal use of this material will be in the publications produced by the Illinois Central Railroad Historical Society for its members and others interested in the history of this railroad. Any other use of this material requires prior approval of the ICHS Board of Directors.